7sixty3 media is an interactive agency that develops web, mobile and identity experiences and applications.
We are based in New York.

Our Services

Web & Mobile Development

With over 15 years of development experience, we develop adaptable, responsive web and mobile experiences that are customized for each client’s specific needs. We can, with ease, integrate everything from robust content management systems to third-party APIs.

Website Maintenance

Your time is valuable. And with our maintenance packages, we become your team member to ensure your site is up to date and running as it should.

Website Hosting

7sixty3 can provide for you complete web hosting solutions that keep your sites up and running quickly while limits costly downtime.


Your identity goes beyond the web. We are also photographers and can photograph your teams’ portraits and or fashionable looks!

Domains & Email

Your great project needs both an address and email services to complete your total package. If needed, we’ve got you covered!

Content Management

There is always a need to easily update your project. Our content management system allows for that.

Website Design

Your website’s visual look is the most important step in how you are presented to the world. We can guide you with our templates and custom designs.

Social Media Strategy

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. We keep social media presence in mind with all of the projects that we take on. Let us remind you how to be effective!


Your website may want to sell products or services. Secure access and a dynamic e-commerce package can be provided directly through us.


Compelling copy is crucial to effective and efficient online marketing. Allow us to craft the perfect copy to convey your brand’s message and style. 


Our Passion

We have spent a long time doing what we love to do! Providing our services to you, is not work for us!

We Dream in Code

Staying on top of new industry tools and trends help to keep us sharp and ready!

We're Nerd Cool

Nerd was our cool before it was cool. You can bet that we will work on your project as if it’s our own.

Reach Us

You deserve someone that can be a team player. Our nimble team does just that.


Ready to start a project? Reach out to us, we'd like to talk about your ideas. Feel free to give us a heads up by filling out our Project Details Form.